Wild Game Dinner Recap

The Wildlife Center hosted two wild game dinners per month in January through May of this year. Proceeds from the events went to a different highlighted program each month. These dinners are exciting affairs, including:

Appetizing hors d’oeuvres Unique desserts following the meal
A guided tour of The Wildlife Center A cash bar throughout the event
Snack stations throughout the tour A lighted nature trail
Our gourmet wild game dishes A roaring fire and hot cocoa
  • January’s highlighted program was our First-Time Hunter Program. During this event, our dedicated staff will guide a first-time hunter through an exciting day learning the basics of hunting, culminating in the harvesting and packing of a doe.
  • February’s dinners supported bus transportation for school tours. In the first quarter of 2023, The Wildlife Center brought in over 2,200 students for tours and hikes through the Legends Ranch property. During the tours, students learned about our mission of wildlife conservation through hunting.
  • March’s proceeds helped fund the Daniel F. Rosman Wildlife Conservation Scholarship. The mission of this scholarship is to encourage and promote the conservation of wildlife through hunting. Scholarship recipients are two outstanding Michigan undergraduate students that distinguish themselves through academic excellence and their passion for the outdoors.
  • April’s dinners benefited our Youth Challenge Hunt. The Youth Challenge Hunt gives children from various walks of life the opportunity to enter the woods, perhaps for the first time, to experience hunting and fishing. We make great efforts to remove life’s difficult barriers while attending this hunt. During this event dreams are realized, relationships fostered, and lives are forever changed.

May’s dinners will benefit our new and upcoming Veteran’s Retreat. For this event, we will host nine veterans with with a guest of their choice at Legends Ranch. During their time here, the veterans will hike around the property, take part in skeet shooting, and receive tours of The Wildlife Center and the Gutierrez Cervid Company breeding facility. They will also go on a rafting trip down the Pere Marquette River.

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