By purchasing a piece of the featured art you will not only support an artist but also directly support our mission. Many of the pieces available are one-of-a-kind and depict the history, importance, and beauty of wildlife.

Stuffed Animal


Wildlife Conservation Plushie by Aurora – Supports Education and Conservation at Legends Ranch


Shop our exquisite collection of handcrafted stuffed animal plushies adorned with a Wildlife Center Bow by Aurora. Each purchase contributes to our non-profit organization dedicated to wildlife conservation and conservation education. The Wildlife Center at Legends proudly partners with us, reselling these delightful plushies for donations. Browse our range and bring home a charming companion while supporting a great cause.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Black Bear, Deer, Elephant, Fox, Giraffe, Grizzly Bear, Hyena, Lion, Moose, Racoon, Rhino, Zebra

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