By purchasing a piece of the featured art you will not only support an artist but also directly support our mission. Many of the pieces available are one-of-a-kind and depict the history, importance, and beauty of wildlife.

AK47 Decanter Set


Laser etched custom AK47 Rifle Decanter Set

L 23″ x W 5″ x H 10″

Artist: The Wine Savant

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Discover our exquisite Laser-etched Custom AK47 Rifle Decanter Set, an artistic creation by renowned artist, The Wine Savant.

This unique creation measures L 23″ x W 5″ x H 10″. By purchasing this exceptional art piece, you not only bring home a stunning conversation starter but also contribute to our noble cause. The Wildlife Center at Legends procures these decanter sets to resell them, directing all proceeds toward essential donations for wildlife conservation and conservation education.

Support our non-profit’s mission while enjoying this remarkable AK47 Rifle Decanter Set, exclusively etched with precision by The Wine Savant. Act now and make a valuable impact on wildlife preservation.

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