Planned Giving

Donate your taxidermy to The Wildlife Center at Legends Ranch to benefit Wildlife Education!

  • If you have pieces of taxidermy that you don’t want to go unappreciated, you may donate your piece to The Wildlife Center at Legends Ranch.
  • If you are looking for a good home for your collection, The Wildlife Center at Legends Ranch will see that your collection benefits future youth, Veterans, and wildlife conservation.
  • In exchange for donating your collection, we would proudly display a plaque in your name in The Wildlife Center.
  • The collection would be sold at auction and the proceeds of the sale would be used towards programs of your choice.

Our late friend John J. Wolfe passed in 2020. John’s wife, Charlotte, and son, Mark decided to donate 82 pieces of John’s taxidermy collection. Through this selfless act, John’s passion for hunting will continue to thrive, benefiting the Youth Challenge Hunt and Purple Heart Hunt at The Wildlife Center.

Sheryle Weller approached The Wildlife Center at Legends Ranch and donated her husband’s esteemed 20 piece collection of taxidermy. Gary Weller, an advocate for wildlife and an avid outdoorsman, amassed a collection that reflects his lifelong commitment to conservation through hunting. These proceeds are directly benefiting the Veterans’ programs at the center, including the much-anticipated Veterans’ Retreat in August and the Purple Heart Hunt in September.

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