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educational tours

We would love to be your destination for an educational tour for personal or school groups. We work closely with local schools and offer a comprehensive program to educate children on the importance of hunting, conservation, and our roles within those very important topics.

Schools and families will have the opportunity to see all that The Wildlife Center has to offer and build a one-of-a-kind keepsake made with items that represent the role of hunters in conservation.

Instilling core values

The Wildlife Center’s mission is to instill core values for conservation and ethical hunting in youth and adults through education, advocacy, and leading by example.



The Learn to Hunt program is a hands-on experience for our youth and anyone looking to learn how to hunt. This program is geared to age classes 8-12 and 13-17, female groups, and any adult without hunting experience. Our four day course includes in-depth instruction on hunting, conservation and our responsibilities as outdoorsmen. We discuss many aspects of hunting with focus on safety, ethics and tactics, conservation, and cooking wild game.

The goals of the Learn to Hunt program include fostering a safe and comfortable educational environment that will allow students to find their passion for hunting, and giving students the tools to be selfless when it comes to conservation. We hope to provide students with the knowledge to act as an advocate for conservation and to inspire their future interactions with the outdoors.

When students are not in the field hunting or learning in the classroom, they have the opportunity to hike through the property or fish on our private lake. Students and their guests will stay in our luxurious lodge and will be paired with a private guide for their educational hunting adventure.

The Purple Heart Hunt is a special tribute to our combat wounded veterans.

purple heart hunt

honoring those that have served

purple heart hunt

The Purple Heart Hunt is a special tribute to our combat wounded veterans. Through many applicants we choose 5-8 (reliant on funding) to join us on a hunt of a lifetime at Legends Ranch. The Wildlife Center understands the importance of Veterans and their role in the outdoors. This event gives us the opportunity to change lives through experience and education for everyone involved. Veterans play a large role in leadership when they are properly informed and instilled with a passion for hunting and conservation.

This event brings veterans and civilians together for incredible camaraderie, showing what it truly means to love your brother and sister and how to come together as one for a sole purpose – supporting one another. This hunt is a small thank you to our men and women in uniform and we are humbled each and every year by the sacrifices these heroes have made for our country.

This opportunity is a dreamcome true for these children and being able to be a part of this event is an immense privilege that we do not take lightly.

Youth Challenge Hunt

experiencing hunting & fishing in a new way

youth challenge hunt

The Special Youth Challenge Hunt gives youth from all walks of life the opportunity to enter the woods, perhaps for the first time, to experience hunting and fishing in a new way. We make great efforts to remove barriers faced by these challenged youth and their families while attending this hunt. During this time dreams are realized, relationships fostered, and lives are forever changed. The hunters and their guests get to enjoy all the amenities of Legends Ranch with their own personal guide to lead them through sighting in their rifle, touring The Wildlife Center, and harvesting their deer. This opportunity is a dream come true for these children and being able to be a part of this event is an immense privilege that we do not take lightly.

Do you know someone that wants to learn to hunt for the first time?

1st time hunter

What does hunting mean to you?

1st time hunter program

The dedicated staff will take the first-time hunter and put them through an exciting day learning the basics of hunting; culminating in the shooting, harvesting and packing of a doe.
Schedule of activities Starting at noon (approximately): 

● Safety lesson at The Shooting Range at Legends Ranch

● Tour of The Wildlife Center

● Lunch/snacks provided

● Guided doe hunt

● Demonstration on the field dressing of the animal

● Instruction on butchering and packaging of the game meat

● The first-time hunter will take home their harvested meat

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