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giving back

humanitarian efforts

School Building: On top of hunting and conservation, we feel it is our calling to help facilitate educational efforts in less fortunate areas of the world. Many communities lack funding to build schools and educational programs, and we aim to help. Arthur Gutierrez Sr. and The Wildlife Center have donated over $40,000 to build schools in Ethiopia and Uganda through Peter Nalos and www.africanchildrensschools.org. Providing safe education in all communities is an ongoing effort and your donations to The Wildlife Center benefit this cause.

First Hunt: The Wildlife Center educates first-time hunters with a tour of The Wildlife Center and a gun safety course. Within the community, deer farmers have graciously donated does to be harvested by these first-time hunters. First time hunters are a gateway to hunting and conservation advocacy and The Wildlife Center is here to foster a healthy relationship between new hunters and their first harvested animal. We invite new hunters to learn with us and deer farmers to donate to this amazing educational cause.

Wild Game Meat Donations: Over the last three years The Wildlife Center has partnered with Legends Ranch to donate over 7,500 pounds of venison to Sportsmen Against Hunger and the local M-37 Meat Shack. The Wildlife Center works closely with organizations like this to help feed the less fortunate in our community. Whitetail deer are an incredible renewable resource and less fortunate communities benefit greatly from the donated meat.

the key to our future


With many different facets facing the future of hunting, conservation is arguably one of the most important. We here at The Wildlife Center take this very seriously and understand how conservation needs to be in the for-front of our minds. Since the 19th century conservation has been a corner stone in American history with its first national park in 1872 called The Yellowstone National park. Through more national parks being created since then and the formations of organizations and non profits, North America’s conservation model has been the standard through out the world. The Wildlife Center is proud of our work and future work in conservation through our many programs educating families about the importance of hunting and Conservation.




We are proud to have cultivated relationships with different artists from around the world and to offer their work for sale in The Wildlife Center. By purchasing a piece of the featured art you will not only support an artist but also directly support our mission. Many of the pieces available are one-of-a-kind and depict the history, importance, and beauty of wildlife.

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Please feel free to scroll through the auctions we have currently running and make your bid. We are proud of the relationships we have with our partners, and we are glad to offer items whose sale will directly help The Wildlife Center in our efforts in education and conservation. More information on our Auctions coming soon.


The Wildlife Center relies greatly on our donors for our continued effort in the future of hunting. If you would like to sponsor one of our programs (Purple Heart Hunt, Youth Hunt, Learn to Hunt, or any other program we offer) please click here to fill out our sponsorship form.


We have been graciously donated incredible once in a lifetime hunts and fishing trips that we can offer our community at great prices. The Wildlife Center works closely with outfitters so you know that your next adventure will be with reputable and trustworthy companies.

By buying a hunt through us you will be directly supporting our mission and a reputable outfitter/charter service. Hunt or fish with the Legends Ranch team!  

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