Daniel F. Rosman Wildlife Conservation Scholarship

Each year, The Wildlife Center at Legends Ranch awards a $5,000 scholarship to two Michigan undergraduate students with proven dedication to the WLC’s Mission. The scholarship has recently been renamed the “Daniel F. Rosman Wildlife Conservation Scholarship” to honor past Legends Ranch employee Dan Rosman for his many years of commitment to conservation and education. Dan is responsible for building The Wildlife Center into what it is today, having curated and installed a majority of the mounts we display. Without Dan’s hard work, The Wildlife Center would not be the magnificent educational foundation it currently is.

The mission of the Daniel F. Rosman Wildlife Conservation Scholarship is to encourage and promote conservation in Michigan’s wildlife, animal science, hunting, and agriculture university programs. Each year’s scholarship recipients are two outstanding Michigan undergraduate students that distinguish themselves through academic excellence and their passion for the outdoors. This scholarship gives students financial support to pursue entrepreneurship and careers in the hunting and conservation industry.

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