Our Story

Backed by a rich legacy of Hunting, Family, and Conservation

a legacy of family, hunting, & conservation

our story

Hunting early in life with his father, Arthur set off down a path that has led to a rich legacy of hunting, family, and conservation. These early experiences would lead him to explore larger hunting opportunities, testing his skills globally on a wide variety of game. His first trip to Africa would prove to be instrumental in his future involvement with Safari Club International (SCI). SCI exists to protect hunters’ rights while promoting wildlife conservation. As an active member of SCI, Arthur has amassed over 550 record book entries, 112 photo entries, 118 Top Ten entries, and 28 Number One entries. He completed his 17th Grand Slam achieving 26 Diamond Awards and the World Conservation & Hunting Award in 2013. These numbers reflect a lifetime of adventure shared with loved ones and a passion for conservation.

These values guided the inception of The Wildlife Center at Legends Ranch, a non-profit, 24,000 square foot facility. Featuring an ever-growing collection of over 2,500 animals from all around the world, the center offers a one-of-a-kind experience for students, families, hunters, and friends, where they will learn about the importance of hunting and conservation. In partnership with Legends Ranch, the Wildlife Center supports Youth Challenge and Purple Heart hunts, as well as provides a platform for future wildlife scholarships.

Arthur strongly believes that to value the hunt, one must also value the resource. For that reason, he displays his many harvests in The Wildlife Center as a way to share his vast knowledge. Arthur and his family welcome you to join us in fostering the love of nature and wildlife while educating and promoting the future of conservation for the next generation.

Instilling core values

The Wildlife Center’s mission is to instill core values for conservation and ethical hunting in youth and adults through education, advocacy, and leading by example.

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Robert Sergi, Director of legends ranch

a legacy continued

Growing up in Boston, Robert was introduced to the hunting world by his grandfather. Over the years they traveled the globe together, harvesting trophies and making memories. As the Director of Legends Ranch, Robert stays focused on the goal of improving the entire operation every season and creating new relationships in the local community.

Robert’s passion for hunting and conservation gives him a deep understanding that the future of hunting and conservation lies in education. Robert truly enjoys getting first time hunters their first harvest and educating them on the importance of hunting and conservation. Now, Robert looks to share his memorable experiences and vast hunting knowledge with each client and guest that comes through our gates.

Committed to conservation



Schools and families will have the opportunity to see all that The Wildlife Center has to offer and build a one-of-a-kind keepsake made with items that represent the role of hunters in conservation.


First time hunters are a gateway to hunting and conservation advocacy and The Wildlife Center is here to foster a healthy relationship between new hunters and their first harvested animal.


Providing safe education in all communities is an ongoing effort and your donations to The Wildlife Center benefit this cause.

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